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SPT Services provides Advisory and Consultancy services to help clients architect, design, develop, manage and run the best digital solutions. We love a challenge.

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The Digital Future

We recognise the digital future is no small investment. Our services are aligned to help you form a Digital Strategy, help you select the right Platform and Technology, Train and Educate your team to exploit the investment and optimise the return as well as advise on the procurement of software and keep you within the guard rails from a vendor License Management perspective.
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Digital Strategy

More than 85% of companies are not equipped to manage the change outlined in their growth strategies. A large proportion of the change that exists in these strategies is digital and will require different technology to enable that change to occur.

The Digital Journey

It’s imperative that companies building a consistent vision and direction as this will ensure everyone is working towards achieving the same goals and objectives. It can be implemented by setting up clear benchmarks, a unified communication model and specific goals. Without a clear strategy, you may find yourself in the situation where every manager or director sets their own aims and priorities related to the online activity, resulting in everyone working cross-purpose without even realising it.

Here at SPT Services, we’re experts in the field of digital change and how to go about it; from the strategic decisions needing to take place at the forefront (which includes People, Process & Systems), to undertaking the actual changes needed to make it happen. We have helped many businesses digitally transform from their traditional roots and help them become disruptors within their industry. Built on sound knowledge of multiple industries and technologies, we see our unique approach to delivering change to the customer as being the key to our clients’ success.

So, if you’re going to adapt to the ever changing changing environment and avoid following the same path of half of the Fortune 500, there are three things you must start doing now:

Obsess about the customer and go beyond vanity metrics to understand their entire journey.
Decentralise decision making to empower those closest to the customer to make decisions and have the agility to release great new features, fast.
Connect your ecommerce ‘product’ to business objectives and hold everyone accountable to those outcomes.

eCommerce Platform & Technology Selection

You’re in good company, we are here to help and bring our vast experience and knowledge of technology to help you select the right one for your business.

Currently there are around 2 billion digital shoppers globally

Digital eCommerce is huge business meaning the opportunities for brands to succeed online are massive.

Consumers can be demanding, but also loyal; the online experience they receive from brands is therefore crucial. Those businesses that are agile and able to adapt to ever-changing trends and evolving customer expectations and demands will succeed.

Choosing the best eCommerce platform is essential as the basis of business success.

The changing eCommerce landscape
Brands need to step up to engage with users in the way that they expect. That means the use of smart personalisation engines to react to customer intent, ensuring products are available from multiple marketplaces, and increasing capabilities to get in front of users online.

Retailers require a solution that scales in line with business growth, that promises access to market-leading tech, anticipates the needs of consumers, simplifies the purchase process and provides a personalised customer experience.

“It’s a huge decision.”

Selecting the right eCommerce platform for the needs of your business
It can be a minefield. With so many available options, it can be overwhelming. Make the right choice and you can build for future success, take the wrong option and it can be costly in terms of both time and money.

At SPT Services, we work closely with our eCommerce clients to understand the individual needs of their company and to select a platform and the right technology to ensure they transform their business for the better.

We help you to map out your business priorities and look for essential innovation across the potential choice of platforms, looking specifically at:

  • AI and Cognitive Capabilities
  • Predictive analysis
  • Personalisation
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • OMNI-channel functionality

We partner with you from the outset to help you prioritise your criteria for platform and technology selection, considering:

  • Ability to meet your business goals
  • Opportunities to scale in line with business objectives
  • Essential functionality and innovation
  • Cost of ownership
  • Ease of implementation
  • Cross-channel integration
  • Analytics and consumer insights
  • Technical support
  • Education & training
  • Commercial viability

Software License Management

Businesses sometimes encounter problems with their software licenses, there may be uncertainty and concerns about compliance, a lack of knowledge about the exact software within the business or a need to reduce costs associated to software spend.
We help organisations procure their software licenses, maintain their renewals and remain compliant by choosing the most relevant and cost-effective options to suit you.
We have vast experience within various different types of vendor licensing agreements, and we are here to help you navigate and ensure you’re getting the right agreement to meet your business needs.

IBM Passport Advantage (PA) Specialists

The IBM Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express programs are a comprehensive set of agreements, processes and tools relating to software license compliance.

Passport Advantage is designed for enterprises often with multiple sites while Passport Advantage Express is generally designed for smaller and single site enterprises.

At SPT Services, we have a team dedicated to license management having worked with IBM’s Passport Advantage and SaaS programmes for many years.

We help clients configure and procure the most cost-effective new license components and undertake annual license renewals for software subscription and support.

Staying Vendor License Compliant

Vendor software licensing is a speciality, it can be complex and the variations amongst the terms can lead to potential compliance issues which can results in penalties being levied.

In recent years software vendors have increased their audit frequency and rigour and although most businesses do not intend to fall out of compliance, it is easily done if no software asset management process is in place.

Our software license and audit team can help you remain compliant, we do all the work so you don’t have to and we remove the worry of a license audit and potential financial penalties.

IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

IBM’s license metric tool is a free software component that will help you remain compliant with full and sub-capacity installations, when used correctly it can help companies identify cost savings and actionable data insights.

It’s now an IBM software license requirement that ILMT is installed, it captures data to understand the consumption of Processor Value Units (PVU) and Resource Value Units (RVU).

ILMT not only provides reports for license compliance audits but can help you m onitor and assess compliance on an on-going basis. At DeeperThanBlue we can assist you with the installation and configuration of ILMT with your IBM software license and infrastructure estate.

We provide license management support to IBM, HCL Software, Microsoft and other technologies.

HCL Software
HCL Commerce (was IBM WebSphere Commerce)
HCL Digital Experience (was IBM Digital Experience)
HCL Portal (was IBM WebSphere Portal)

IBM Hybrid Cloud
IBM Cloud Paks (for Integration, Automation, Applications, Data, Multi Cloud Management)
WebSphere Application Server
IBM IIB/ WebSphere Message Broker
IBM MQ/ WebSphere MQ
IBM Business Automation/ WebSphere Process Server
InfoSphere MDM for PIM (Product Information Management)

IBM Analytics
IBM Cognos
IBM Planning & Analytics (TM1)
IBM SPSS Modeler
IBM SPSS Statistics
IBM Watson Studio
Information Management –

Microsoft .Net
Microsoft SQL
Microsoft PowerBI

Training and Education Courses

Our training and education courses available:

WebSphere Commerce courses
Sterling Order Management courses

Middleware and Cloud Integration
WebSphere Application Server courses
WebSphere MQ courses
ACE Integration Bus courses
Business Process Manager courses
Operational Decision Management courses

Cognos courses
IBM Planning Analytics TM1 courses
IBM SPSS courses

DevOps courses

DB2 courses
InfoSphere courses

On-Demand courses

Knowledge is power


Training and education courses are often the missing piece of the puzzle between deploying a solution and truly realising the value of the investment. Browse through our courses above!

The training and education courses are available in Randburg, Johannesburg and also via a Virtual Classroom meaning you can log in with a computer/laptop from your office or home.

‘On Demand’ courses are also available, which don’t require an instructor meaning you can take these are your own leisure.

If you are interested in arranging a course or wanting more information, please contact us.

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