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We help clients operate and support their IT investments in the cloud and on-premise, around the clock.

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Cloud and On Premise Support & Services

Whether your business operates 24/ 7 due to international markets or has the need to get products to customers for the start of the next business day DeeperThanBlue has you covered. We provide remote Support and Application Managed Services (AMS) to our clients and their business platforms to keep them running and optimised.

Our cloud services help companies become more agile and move workloads between the public, private and hybrid clouds as well as innovate by developing new applications that are cloud-native.

Our cloud services and support cover Bespoke Applications, eCommerce, Mobile, Middleware Integration, Business Process Automation and Analytics.

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Infrastructure

IBM WebSphere Application Server

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS), the worlds leading application server platform. Create, connect and optimise applications for any environment, whether on premises or on a public, private or hybrid cloud. Trusted by 1000’s of customers with millions of applications deployed across the world,

WebSphere continues to innovate with performance and capabilities. Independent performance benchmarks demonstrate a minimum of 25% performance gain over competitor and Opensource alternatives. WebSphere Liberty is containerised and micro services ready, built for the next generation of application development.

In addition, by utilising IBM Cloud Paks, you can create on-premises cloud capabilities similar to public clouds to accelerate app development. The platform is built on the open source Kubernetes-based container architecture and supports both Docker containers and Cloud Foundry.

Modernise your legacy WebSphere applications with containers and microservices

Application modernisation is one of the most critical initiatives you will face in business today. Traditional applications can be modernised by moving them to the cloud to speed delivery and improve developer productivity. By modernising your existing IBM WebSphere Application Server applications and creating a microservice framework, you can leverage your current investments to deliver new capabilities at your own pace, whilst reducing complexity and costs.

Benefits of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS)

With 20 years experience of working with IBM WAS in a variety of industries and customer deployments we are ideally placed to help you understand the benefits.

Support for multi-cloud environments
Choose from native, virtual machine and application container deployment methods.

Flexible licensing models
Determine the best fit for your business needs now and in the future. License models have changed get in touch.

Intelligent management features
Improve operational reliability, scalability, availability and manageability.

Enhanced security and control
Take advantage of broad support for security standards and integrated management and administrative tooling.

Increased developer productivity
Benefit from easy installation, fast startup and the ability to dynamically respond to application or config changes



At SPT Services we help eCommerce businesses succeed online by improving their digital propositions, enhancing customer experiences, and increasing revenues.

SPT Services and eCommerce, an omni-channel approach.

Our innovative and multi-disciplinary team blend a strategic mindset, with an understanding of the unique challenges faced by online retailers. Aligned with our knowledge of digital experience technology we are able to build a bespoke approach for all of our clients. Our team has the hands-on project experience to guide our clients through each step of their eCommerce transformation journey.

We work with ambitious eCommerce retailers looking for the right digital solution to grow, scale and transform their business.


Keeping up with the pace of consumer change
In the digital world, consumers are increasingly demanding, and eCommerce retailers must keep up. Consumers:

  • Demand personalisation
  • Require a consistent customer experience across all channels
  • Will share their experiences (good or bad) across social media

Knowing your customer’s mindset is just the start. To grow, scale and thrive in this modern consumer-driven landscape you must efficiently adapt to ever-changing trends, requirements and customer expectations.

Omni-channel eCommerce

In the ever changing world of eCommerce, it’s hard to keep track of where you need to be selling your products. Customer buying behaviour has changed dramatically over the past decade and retailers need to enable themselves to ‘sell everywhere’ in order for their customers to choose where they purchase in the way they want to purchase.

There are many inhibitors to overcome when enabling this approach, not least knowing where your customers are going to be by understanding where they have been. We help clients navigate this and ensure that they are opening up the correct channels for them to succeed fast.

Digital eCommerce, the importance

To survive and thrive in Digital eCommerce businesses need to be agile to adapt fast to ever changing trends, requirements and customer expectations. Digital eCommerce is more than allowing your customers to place an order via a website. It’s about how your business can leverage other elements such as business intelligence and immediate responsiveness.

In today’s reality, consumers make their purchase decisions online and care less about where their purchase is made. They will share their unique purchase experience via social media, written blogs or review sites. They’ll expect instant content replies that are personalised to them and for you to provide this type of customer experience is a challenge. It must be done in an efficient way via your eCommerce solution or you will struggle to keep up with the pace.

The key to solving these types of challenges is by selecting an eCommerce platform that suits your budget, type or size of business. Read our blog here about How to Make the Right Choice of a Digital eCommerce Platform.

We help online merchants navigate through agile and bespoke eCommerce solutions


Advise & Consult
We get under the skin of your business to understand your objectives, goals, and plans for growth, coupled with the unique desires, wants and needs of your consumers. We slot into your operation giving you the strategic insight to plug the gaps and implement the right approach to achieve your objectives and grow your revenue.

Our advisory and consultancy services always focus on the right blend for the needs of your business, whether digital strategy, selecting the right digital platform, or training and educating your team.


Build & Innovate
We provide design, development, testing and implementation services to assist with your next phase of business growth.

Our experienced design and development team focus on a number of eCommerce solutions including BigCommerce and HCL Commerce formerly known as IBM WebSphere Commerce. We always use market leading software packages to provide robust and scalable solutions that work with the unique needs of your businesses as you grow.


Operate & Support
We help you operate and support your tech investments in the cloud and on-premise 24/7. All of your business platforms will remain running and optimised through our remote Support and Application Managed Services.

Our cloud services will ensure your business becomes more agile, with workloads transitioning between the public, private and hybrid clouds.


What is Analytics and how can it help improve business performance?


The process of collecting, transforming and modelling data for the purposes of providing insight, then explaining that insight to decision makers with the aim of guiding an action.

Data on its own adds very little value to an organisation, it needs to be processed to generate insights.

Insights on their own do not directly add value, the value comes when the organisation uses the insights to make a decision that will lead to more value.

Value could be in many forms, for example increased sales, better service levels, happier more loyal customers, or simply recognising that some activities contribute very little to the performance of the organisation.

At SPT Services we can cover this full spectrum, from collection of data, to processing it, to generating valued insights to communicating the business value that these insights can bring and helping to drive genuine performance improvements.

Analytics Maturity


All organisations are at a different stage of the analytics journey, with lots of hype surrounding the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Industry terms and buzzwords don’t help, they add to the confusion. We distill all of the buzzwords down and simply call the journey a four stage process:

See, Plan, Predict, Automate.

Types of Analytics

SEE – What happened?, Why?
In the industry this is called Descriptive Analytics and Diagnostic Analytics or simply Business Intelligence

This is the starting point for most organisations looking to understand their data,.
Focussed on presenting historical data in charts, tables, diagrams, dashboards or to use the latest buzzword – Visualisations

We focus your attention on what drives your business, relevant information at the right time and user friendly, not just pretty charts

Our Specialisms in the area include:
– IBM Cognos Analytics
– Microsoft PowerBI
– Microsoft SQLServer, Excel PowerQuery, – PowerPivot
– Qlik, Tableau

PLAN – What do we want to happen?
Generally Called Planning Analytics or integrated business planning

This area includes Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting, Scenario Modelling, Rolling Forecasts, and leads to the creation of enterprise wide performance management solutions, Risk Management, Variance Analysis, Scorecards

Our certified competencies with the software coupled with our Chartered Institute of Management Accountants status gives us proven abilities to both implement and advise on business performance

Our Software Specialisms include:
– IBM Planning Analytics (TM1)
– Anaplan
– Adaptive Insights

PREDICT – What will happen?
Predictive Analytics, normally associated with Big Data and machine learning

This involves the use of statistical analysis of trends and probabilities, identifying relationships in data and unearthing insights that can really help organisations to gain advantage from data, whether it is their own internal data, or external and often called big data

Simulation, What-if Analysis, Driver Analysis

We target the identification of the relevant drivers that drive the results of your business

Our Software Capabilities Include
IBM SPSS Statistics
IBM Watson Data Studio


Integrated Reporting, Planning and Predictive Analytics

We provide integrated solutions across a broad range of business processes, not just the financials! We analyse your business processes, provide insight to add value, increase efficiency and accuracy. Then, we link these processes together to ensure your departments are ‘working’ together. By getting everyone to pull in the same direction, your performance is stronger and your business is much more efficient and focussed We can start off small in one particular area of your business, demonstrate the value and our capabilities and then move to the next area of improvement, this gives you a low risk high return approach, delivering benefits as we go

Sectors of Particular Expertise
Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG, Logistics, Banking and Legal

Database Technology Expertise
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata


Strategy and Activity Aligned

Sales Dashboards and Forecasts
Customer Acquisition, Growth, Retention
Weather impact Analysis
Demographic Analysis
Buying Pattern Analysis
Sales Channels
Social Media Analysis

Campaign Scorecards
Promotion Plans
Revenue Plans
Customer and Product Profitability
Customer survey analysis
Online review analysis
Pricing Analysis

Operational KPIs
Strategy and Operations Plans
Capacity and Operations Plans
Bottleneck Analysis
Product Allocation
New Products
Product Quality Analysis

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
Profitability Modelling & Optimisation
Scorecards & Strategy Management
Management & Performance Reporting
Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets
Cashflow / Liquidity Analysis
Procurement Analysis
Expenditure reviews

Workforce KPIs
Headcount Plans
Salary and Bonuses
Staffing Plans
Training & Development
Staff turnover analytics
Sentiment Analysis

Geographic Analysis
Regional Economic Analysis
Hotspot identification
Energy Efficiency Reviews
Lease or Buy Analysis
Capital Investment Appraisal
Branch Performance

Cloud Hosting & Consultancy Services

A vast amount becomes possible when you embrace technology, introduce new applications and solutions for your business and move forward into a digital world. From improving IT operations to innovation at break neck speed, throw off the traditional IT shackles.
We help organisations adopt cloud and become agile, reduce IT backlogs and operational expenditure.

Deliver your best performance

The IT world is constantly changing and so are business demands. Knowing what technology can do is paramount as it never stands still. Are you struggling to understand which cloud is right for your business needs? Need an answer, not just for the near future but for the forever evolving future?
We all face these challenges, but we are here to help you face yours.
First of all, we will ask questions to understand your business challenges and needs. Then we’ll move forward to create the right cloud solution and package which works best for you. This isn’t a pre-made cloud package, this is a unique cloud package and includes only the parts required, meaning you’re not paying for anything that you won’t be using. Scale up in peak and then scale back down. Prototype new apps and launch quickly into new markets.

Out perform the competition

Global Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) & Platform as a Service (PaaS) data-centres with IBM Cloud (Softlayer) & Microsoft Azure

  • Build your next app and be agile
  • AI ready
  • 100’s of services ready to be deployed
  • Data locality built-in
  • Secure to the core
  • Pay for what you use

A Cloud for Business with a choice not a compromise


Full stack, global availability with bare metal and dedicated server options

Public Multi-tenant virtual server deployments give you rapid scalability and higher cost effectiveness with pre-defined sizes.

Dedicated Single-tenant with rapid provisioning and flexibility, enabling virtual server placement control for workloads requiring physical isolation.

Local deployment with high levels of integration and orchestration

Manage, orchestrate and integrate applications with multi cloud options

Support & AMS

From remote to proactive support. We help clients support their applications and systems.

Get support, which is friendly, flexible and fast

We offer Support and Application Managed Services (AMS) from our UK office. We don’t outsource our Support and you won’t be passed between level 2 call fielders. We allocate WebSphere and Microsoft SME’s to each client account so that they understand the technology and the environments. Our team can assist you with raising, troubleshooting and working with IBM to resolve IBM PMR’s.

We also provide back-up cover to your existing in-house IT department to cover illness, holiday or additional workload.

Our approach to Support

We offer a number of different support packages which are flexible. They have industry standard service levels. These start from business hours coverage during standard working hours Monday to Friday, extended hours options are available, all the way up to our full 24/7 software support.

Incidents can be raised via our UK Service Desk Portal, or via email and telephone. You will have full visibility of the incident ticket progression and support contact through our Service Desk Portal system.

Our support function offers a combined approach to issue resolution, instead of isolated technical response. We do this by working closely together to get to know you, your business and IT environment. We make sure you get as much quality and value from your investment as possible.

We provide support around IBM, Microsoft and Opensource technology.

IBM Watson Customer Engagement
IBM WebSphere Commerce

InfoSphere MDM for PIM (Product Information Management)

IBM Hybrid Cloud
WebSphere Application Server
IBM IIB/ WebSphere Message Broker
IBM MQ/ WebSphere MQ
IBM Business Automation/ WebSphere Process Server

IBM Analytics
Planning & Analytics (TM1)
Information Management –


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